Thursday, 24 November 2016

Closing Chapter

First and foremost, all ducks look to be very happy at their fabulous new home.  I've been told they are eating well, make good use of their new pond, and it's just the resident chickens who seem to be a bit bemused.

I had a nice note from Melanie this Thursday morning, 24th November, and four more photos:

We are getting used to living in our new home and getting friendlier with Roger and Melanie....because they bring us food!


Looking back, it all started on Valentine's Day 2004 after family and friends had made a huge duck pond for my birthday present on 25.10.2003.
The first four were called Rudolpho, Valentino, Pearl and Gertie.

I have thousands of photos of very much loved ducks from the almost 13 years since then, there have been triumphs and disasters, notably when I lost 9 to the deadly Duck Virus Enteritis in 2009 and the foxes have had far, far too many of them.  I started with four and there have been as many as 27.  I can't possibly put hundreds of photos into this page, but here are just a few as a reminder:

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Farewell to White Gables ducks

I found a place to re-home the ducks, they will live only 5 minutes or so drive away in a fox-proofed area within 6 acres, along with 4 very large dogs and some chickens and wild ducks who occasionally breed their young there.

All 13 went off to their new home this morning, it wasn't easy catching them even with the help of new owners Melanie and Roger  -  and I fell into the pond, yes, properly!  I hadn't really needed another shower.  I stepped on the beam not realising it had rotted through:

Both groups of ducks were well upset because I had shut the gate and stopped them from their normal mornings' activities, as were the pheasants who are also used to the gate being open.



To finish for today a few photos from several days ago, of a visiting jay, and of some of my birthday flowers which stayed fresh for a long time.



Thursday, 20 October 2016

This is how ....

to wrap and address a parcel, my darling brother is past master at it.

Only the day before two bottles of Riesling had been delivered as another "early birthday gift".  I must admit I opened the first bottle that night and enjoyed my first half glass of Riesling while in a deep and luxurious bath and listening to music.  But I've decided to leave opening Maria and Gerd's latest presents until next Tuesday ....... so much for my expressed wish of postponing forthcoming celebrations until a certain matter is resolved.
I do love my family!

I don't think I mentioned that I resumed clearance of areas in the huge garage, nearly two weeks ago.  Here are a couple of 'before and after' pics:

 Finally, I did catch the "minis" playing in Dotty's baby pool yesterday: