Thursday, 24 November 2016

Closing Chapter

First and foremost, all ducks look to be very happy at their fabulous new home.  I've been told they are eating well, make good use of their new pond, and it's just the resident chickens who seem to be a bit bemused.

I had a nice note from Melanie this Thursday morning, 24th November, and four more photos:

We are getting used to living in our new home and getting friendlier with Roger and Melanie....because they bring us food!


Looking back, it all started on Valentine's Day 2004 after family and friends had made a huge duck pond for my birthday present on 25.10.2003.
The first four were called Rudolpho, Valentino, Pearl and Gertie.

I have thousands of photos of very much loved ducks from the almost 13 years since then, there have been triumphs and disasters, notably when I lost 9 to the deadly Duck Virus Enteritis in 2009 and the foxes have had far, far too many of them.  I started with four and there have been as many as 27.  I can't possibly put hundreds of photos into this page, but here are just a few as a reminder:

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  1. Hello Helena, oh dear I seem to have found your blog when it's the closing chapter with your ducks being re-homed:( I aim to read your blog from the beginning but I'm not sure how long you have been writing:) My favourite little bird is the little Robin and I adore ducks. The Close I live on is Valentino, quite the heart throb♥ Loving the photos as well. Linda ex pat living downunder x